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Tua Tagovailoa's Contract Conundrum: Will He Make a Bold Stand?

Uncrowned Guard


The Market Tales: Tua Tagovailoa and His Deal

It appears Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is hinting towards a market deal. His statement, "The market is the market," serves as the quarterback's most unmistakable hint at his desire for a market value contract. The axiom has merits - if Tagovailoa wasn't interested in such a deal, he probably would have already signed a new contract. The actual question is whether the Dolphins are willing to concede to his demands.

Countdown To Training Camp: What's Next?

There is an air of anticipation that the Dolphins will present their final offer before the commencement of their training camp. If this transpires, Tagovailoa will be faced with a crucial decision. Will he accept a deal that offers considerable security and monetary gain but not quite the market value? Or will he maintain his stance and opt to play for $23.1 million in 2024 and let the fates decide his 2025 outcome?

There is only so much power in wanting something. Eventually, it boils down to what one can get versus what they currently have. If Tua is to fulfill his desires, he may have to resort to a bold move: Refusing to show up for training camp.

The Bold Move: Will “Salty Tua” Show Up?

Tagovailoa has the power to step up his game with a strong stance. Sure, he's up for daily fines of $40,000 and may lose $1.28 million per missed preseason game. However, the fine might be forgivable, given his rookie deal status. Moreover, the fines would be insignificant in comparison to the potential difference between what he's demanding and what he may end up with.

A standdown of this sort is not a common occurrence among starting quarterbacks. Such a move could complicate his performance in 2024, inadvertently affecting the team's prospects, which currently hinge on players Mike White, Skylar Thompson, and Gavin Hardison.

Tua, as his fans know, is inclined to be deferential and compliant, often seen as positive traits in the football fraternity. But occasionally, he exhibits an intense edge. Should he decide to unveil his "Salty Tua" persona to obtain what he believes he deserves, this could mean a training camp no-show. It's a far shot, but it might just be his only play to obtain what he wants.

Image: By CCS Pictures - https://www.flickr.com/photos/125545173@N06/51781652958/, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=128964975

Edited by Uncrowned Guard


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