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My Hero Academia Nears Its Epic Conclusion: What Fans Need to Know

Uncrowned Guard



Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia: The End Draws Near

Kohei Horikoshi's highly-acclaimed manga series, My Hero Academia, has recently wrapped up its main story arc and it's now revealed that there's not much left to tell. Shueisha, the publisher of My Hero Academia, announced that the series will officially wrap up in five more chapters.

This revelation was shared through Jump Press video, leaving fans eagerly gearing up for the series finale. The concluding chapter will be published in the combined 36th and 37th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan, set to hit the stands on August 5th.

My Hero Academia: A Journey Spanning a Decade

First hitting the shelves in July 2014, the final chapter arrives just after My Hero Academia's tenth anniversary. The neatly timed conclusion throws a fitting farewell to a manga beloved by fans across the globe.

The series' journey over a decade has not only been confined to manga. My Hero Academia has seen a variety of adaptations in its lifetime, including a successful TV anime version, movies, video games, and even spinoff manga, thus expanding its universe beyond the manga dimension.

Mark your calendars as the next My Hero Academia movie, titled 'My Hero Academia the Movie: You’re Next', is slated to premiere on August 2, 2024, just mere days before the curtains close on the manga series.

An Introduction to My Hero Academia: An Inspiring Tale

VIZ Media, the publisher of the series in America, summed up the premise of the series in the blurb for the inaugural volume. The synopsis gives us a glimpse into the journey of the middle school student Izuku Midoriya - a boy with no inherent powers but infinite aspirations to be a hero.

Izuku's journey, filled with trials and tribulations, along with his chance encounter with All Might, the greatest hero of all time, shapes the narrative of My Hero Academia. It paints an inspiring tale of grit and determination that resonates with the reader, making it a poignant farewell for fans who have followed this story for the last ten years.

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