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Fire Force Season 3 Set to Ignite Screens in 2025: What to Expect from the Thrilling Return

Uncrowned Guard


A Long-Awaited Return: Fire Force Season 3

The highly anticipated third season of the popular anime Fire Force has been officially announced, to the delight of its multitude of fans. The release date has been confirmed to be split into two course formats for a final season venture and is set to air its first half in April 2025 and the following half in January 2026. The announcement was made public during the festive Anime Expo weekend.

Streaming Plans Confirmed

Leading anime streaming service, Crunchyroll, has also disclosed its plans to stream the latest season of Fire Force in real-time. Fans of the series are encouraged to stay tuned for the release of an upcoming trailer that will reveal more about what to expect in the forthcoming season.

A Journey Back to Searing Tokyo

The story of Fire Force narrates the mystery and action-filled life in Tokyo, now suffering from inexplicable incidents of spontaneous human combustion across the city. The task of solving this peculiar phenomenon falls on the Fire Force, a group of brave individuals, including Shinra who is enthusiastic about joining their mission.

Shinra, now a member of Company 8, is all set to employ his distinctive skills, known as the devil’s footprints, to safeguard the city from turning to cinders. However, uncertainties about his past, along with a fiery hidden secret, could possibly ignite a whole new blaze of problems. The last mention of Fire Force season 3 is traced back to May 2022.

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