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TRIGUN Franchise Concludes with New Installment TRIGUN STARGAZE, Revealed at Anime Expo

Uncrowned Guard


Another Saga for TRIGUN Franchise: TRIGUN STARGAZE

Exciting reveals were plentiful at this year's Anime Expo, including the announcement of the concluding installment of the TRIGUN STAMPEDE series, titled TRIGUN STARGAZE. The news was released during a panel arranged by two giants in the anime industry, streaming service Crunchyroll and animation powerhouse, studio Orange.

Beyond the announcement, details about TRIGUN STARGAZE are scarce, albeit the release of an exclusive artwork by the Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow at the Anime Expo was exceptionally well-received. Fans also got a chance to admire visuals of characters Vash, Knives, and Wolfwood.


Studio Orange, renowned for its animation work, is the creator of TRIGUN STAMPEDE. The project is directed by Kenji Muto, known for his work on Land of the Lustrous. With the assistance of writing sensation Takehiko Oki and character designer Kouji Tajima, the series is shaping up to be groundbreaking.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, which will also preside over the online showcase of TRIGUN STARGAZE.

Dark Horse Manga and the Original TRIGUN Saga

Dark Horse Manga, the publisher of the original manga series, describes the storyline vividly. It portrays the character Vash the Stampede, who is harrowed by a bounty on a desolate desert world known as Gunsmoke. Vash, equipped with an ability that can tear open a planet, is pursued by bounty hunters and rogue elements seeking to capture him dead, or alive. The series fused science fiction, comedy, and gunslinger action and swiftly gained considerable popularity.

TRIGUN's international acclaim led to the creation of a globally popular animated series. The English manga adaptation was a collaborative effort between the original publishers and Digital Manga Publishing.

With the coming of TRIGUN STARGAZE, fans are eagerly looking forward to the conclusion of a saga that commanded their attention and captivated their imagination.

Edited by Uncrowned Guard


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