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[Discussion] Threads Surpasses 175 Million Active Users for First Anniversary

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Threads: Sweeping Past Milestones

Meta's rapidly growing social media platform, Threads, now boasts more than 175 million monthly active users, as revealed by the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, on Wednesday. This latest milestone comes just two days shy of Threads' first anniversary, demonstrating impressive growth within a short time frame. In April, the platform was announced to have 150 million monthly active users, having grown by 20 million in two months from the 130 million reported in February. Threads was first introduced to the public on July 3, 2023, and gained substantial traction as users were searching for alternatives to X, formerly known as Twitter. This surge in interest came in response to the sweeping changes made to X by Elon Musk.

The Battle of Metrics

As Threads celebrates this new achievement, Musk recently stated that X now has around 600 million active monthly users, with half of them using the platform daily. However, both figures likely include automated or spam accounts, leaving some room for interpretation and potential dispute. Threads' updated user numbers are no small feat, and the insight provided by Meta into user behavior on the platform provides valuable data. Most users come to Threads for text-based communication, with around 63% of all posts being text-only. Despite this, images are still a significant aspect of the platform, as one out of every four posts includes at least one image.

Sustaining Growth Through Integration

The increased usage of Threads is reflected in the more than 50 million Tags that have been created on the platform. The most popular three are PhotographyThreads, BookThreads, and GymThreads, reflecting a diverse range of user interests. While the monthly active users number alone does not wholly represent Threads' success, it does indicate a significant user base checking the platform out. Threads' growth is attributed in part to the platform's integration and promotion within Instagram, leading to increased visibility and reach. Throughout its first year, Threads has been responsive to user feedback and has made numerous enhancements. This includes launching a web app, trending topics, and an edit button, among others. Although the platform aligns itself somewhat with X in terms of features and user experience, it has made a deliberate choice to avoid political discourse. Despite Meta's decision not to amplify news content on Threads, X remains the go-to platform for users to engage in live discussions on current events, such as the recent presidential debate.

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Honestly, I'm surprised by this. I thought it had been forgotten about since the underwhelming launch!

But, hopefully, it'll be something they can build on 🙂

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