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Google Embraces Generative AI for Automated Ad Campaigns

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In an ambitious move, Google is reportedly planning to utilize generative AI technology to automatically create advertising campaigns. According to an internal presentation obtained by The Financial Times, the tech giant aims to produce AI-generated advertisements based on existing human-created content.

Leveraging the same AI system behind its AI writer and ChatGPT rival, Bard, Google's generative AI will be capable of crafting entire campaigns mimicking human-produced ads. While AI is already employed by Google for generating simple ad phrases, this new approach takes it to the next level.

Advertisers will only need to provide minimal input materials such as text, images, and videos. From there, the AI will generate complete ads in various versions, targeting specific markets or objectives. However, concerns have been raised about the potential spread of misinformation due to AI chatbots' tendency to make false statements confidently.

Addressing these concerns, Google has committed to implementing stringent guardrails to prevent errors as the AI is rolled out in the coming months. The generative AI will be incorporated into Performance Max, Google's platform launched in 2020 to create ad copy, allocate budgets, and determine placements using algorithms. This innovation emerges as the ad industry faces challenges, with businesses tightening budgets and privacy policies limiting personal data usage.

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