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WhatsApp is breaking free from its constraints, unleashing a new era of communication freedom for its users. As of Tuesday, the messaging giant has begun rolling out an update allowing users to sign into their WhatsApp account on multiple smartphones, paving the way for seamless, encrypted chats across devices.

Globally available for Android and iOS phones in the coming weeks, this update extends the multi-device support introduced in 2021. Initially limited to computers, the feature now encompasses up to four smartphones linked to a primary device, ensuring end-to-end encryption for all private messages, media, and calls. The Meta-owned company highlights the ease of switching between phones without signing out, allowing users to effortlessly pick up chats where they left off.

This update is a game-changer for small businesses, providing the opportunity for staff members to use their personal phones to respond to customers while operating under the company account. Linking additional phones is a breeze, as detailed in WhatsApp's updated support page. However, be aware that if your primary device remains inactive for 14 days, your companion devices will be automatically signed out. Live location and status features are also not available on linked devices.

WhatsApp's update comes with even more user-friendly enhancements. For those who prefer not to scan the traditional QR code when linking companion devices, there's now an alternative method: simply enter your phone number on WhatsApp Web to receive a code, which can then be entered on the desired device.

After a successful beta test in late 2021, users can now choose to include more phones, tablets, or desktop devices in their four-companion-device limit. In addition, keep an eye out for WhatsApp's recent feature allowing you to save disappearing messages, as long as the person you're conversing with agrees.

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