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A Final Curtain Call: Netflix's DVD.com Lets You Keep the Discs

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Netflix is bidding adieu to its original DVD subscription service, DVD.com, in a memorable way. The company announced that subscribers can keep any unreturned discs at no extra cost after the service comes to a close on September 29th. Adding to this generosity, Netflix is offering to send up to 10 extra random discs to users who access a special link on DVD.com by August 29th.

The End of an Era in Home Entertainment

This end-of-service giveaway not only marks the closure of DVD.com but also brings a ceremonious end to the very business model that launched Netflix. With the last set of DVDs shipping out on September 29th, it's clear that the era of mail-order DVD services has come to a close, giving way to digital streaming as the primary medium for home entertainment.

Hold Onto a Piece of Netflix History

For those who might have a disc or two they'd rather not keep, Netflix will accept returns until October 27th. However, the offer presents a unique opportunity for subscribers to own a part of Netflix history, capturing a snapshot of how the entertainment industry has evolved over the years.

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7 hours ago, ZandraJoi said:

I wasn't thinking about the Netflix History more than wondering what they would be doing with all those DVDs. I'm glad they are letting people keep them & giving them away instead of just scrapping.

Ya, seems to be a win for everyone involved.  Hopefully that means less will end up in the trash.  Granted, I do wish they would have been willing to sell the DVD side instead.

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