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Community Hive: A Unifying Platform for Independent Communities

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In a bold move to redefine how independent communities connect with their audiences, a new free service named Community Hive has been introduced. Designed to facilitate member engagement and broaden reach, Community Hive is integrated with popular platforms like Invision Community, XenForo, Squarespace, and WordPress. 

Addressing the 'Why'

Despite the leaps and bounds in technological advancements, independent online communities still face hurdles in re-engaging their existing members and expanding their reach. As social media platforms offer diminishing returns and search algorithms deprioritize user-generated content, Community Hive aims to bridge that gap. Unlike other platforms, Community Hive doesn’t store your content; instead, it redirects users to your site, preserving your full control and ownership of the content. The service also pushes regular updates via email and push notifications, reaching your audience no matter where they are.

An Intuitive User Interface

The Community Hive platform offers a user-friendly feed view divided into two main categories. The "Following" tab displays updates from communities you're already engaged with, learning over time to better curate the content you prefer. On the other hand, the "Discover" tab introduces you to communities outside of your following list, encouraging the exploration of new online spaces. With robust account management features, Community Hive allows you to fine-tune your preferences easily. Designed as a mobile-first application, Community Hive supports push notifications and can be added to your phone’s home screen.

Smooth Integration Across Platforms

Set to launch in beta in September 2023 alongside Invision Community's new release, Community Hive offers seamless integrations for multiple platforms. The service simplifies the following process by only requesting an email address, making it easier for members to stay connected across devices.

Community Hive opens its doors for discussions and is inviting users to join its forums. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly cluttered, services like Community Hive offer a way for independent communities to level the playing field. It's a much-needed solution for community managers and members alike.

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