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  • Monetization Notice: How We Support Uncrowned Addiction

    At Uncrowned Addiction, we believe in maintaining transparency with our community regarding how we sustain and grow our platform. Our monetization model is designed to support the ongoing development of Uncrowned Addiction while respecting our users' experience and privacy. Here's an overview of how we generate revenue:


    • Ads for Guests: We display generic advertisements through networks like Adsense (or directly on our site) for guests visiting our site. These ads are not shown to users who register for a free account, offering an ad-free experience for our members.


    • Personalized Advertising: We collaborate with a limited number of sponsors who share our values. These sponsors display their banners in our site's sidebar, visible to all users.

    Affiliate Links

    • Geniuslink Integration: We use Geniuslink to convert links posted on our site into affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission. Geniuslink adds an affiliate tag without tracking your purchases, ensuring your privacy and allowing networks like Amazon to handle transactions directly.

    Supporter Memberships

    • Voluntary Contributions: We offer paid memberships for those who wish to support our platform. These memberships provide minimal benefits, emphasizing that they are a way to support our vision rather than a paywall for content.

    Social Media Income

    • Platform Monetization: We utilize monetization features available on social media platforms, such as Adsense on YouTube, to generate income when possible.
  • Common Questions

    Can I use an adblocker?

    Absolutely. We understand and respect the use of ad blockers. Alternatively, you can enjoy an ad-free experience by simply creating a free account with us.

    Can I post my own affiliate links?

    Yes, you're welcome to post your own affiliate links when sharing content on our platform. Geniuslink won't override existing affiliate links, so feel free to include them. Just be aware of the terms of your affiliate network regarding posting links on sites you don't own.

    Do you sell my data?

    No. Your privacy is paramount to us. We do not sell your data and have no plans to do so in the future.

  • At Uncrowned Addiction, we're committed to an open and transparent business model. Our monetization strategies are chosen to align with our core values of user privacy and experience. We thank our community for their continued support, which enables us to maintain and grow this platform.

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