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Suicide Squad ISEKAI: Opening Credits Revealed

Uncrowned Guard


The much-anticipated premiere of the Suicide Squad ISEKAI anime is slated for June 27, promising otaku worldwide a phenomenal blend of Dark DC Universe and zany ISEKAI vibes. Hold on to your hats, since we now have a peek at the opening sequence and some fresh cast additions. Let your excitement spike as you sway to the groove of Tomoyasu Hotei’s melodic track, "Another World."

Stellar New Cast Additions

Supervillain squadrons always become fascinating with diverse characters. This premiere won't disappoint as it welcomes new member entries onto the stage:

  • Yoji Ueda voicing the mysterious Ratcatcher.
  • Hochu Otsuka imbuing life into the cerebral antagonist, Thinker.
  • Shizuka Ito animating the bewitching Enchantress.
  • Taro Kiuchi manifesting the formidable Killer Croc.



Pedigree Production Team

The series boasts an incredible crew of seasoned anime maestros steering the production. At the helm is director Eri Osada, who has worked magic on other exemplary anime shows, including Jujutsu Kaisen and Garo. Adding depth to the narrative, Tappei Nagatsuki, known best for his work on Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World, and Eiji Umehara of Vivy - Fluorite Eye’s Song are tag-teaming the screenplay.

Draftman Akira Amano, known for his unique characterization skill, and Naoto Hosoda, the master behind the main character designs, are infusing their creative touch into the characters. Prolific composer Kenichiro Suehiro will be captaining the auditory experience.

A Gritty Tale Reimagined in an ISEKAI Setting

WB Japan defines Suicide Squad ISEKAI as an intriguing venture into a connected realm teeming with relentless orcs and sky-sovereign dragons. The setting moves from the grime-riddled Gotham city under Amanda Waller’s purview to an indispensable "ISEKAI," an immersive, reality-parallel universe.

Head of A.R.G.U.S, Waller has rounded up a motley crew of super-villains - Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Peacemaker, Clayface, King Shark - for a daunting mission, with potent explosives tethered to their necks. With no scope for retreat or refuge, failure implies a single-pass journey to the Netherworld. The question remains - can Harley Quinn and her team withstand the unprecedented trials of this lethal ISEKAI? Join the elite, 'Suicide Squad,' and witness an astounding adventure like never before.

Edited by Uncrowned Guard


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