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    A new service, amalgamated with Discovery Plus, will replace HBO Max next year

    On a recent conference call, Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav revealed that HBO Max will be terminated in the summer of 2023, and be replaced by a new service.

    Zaslav was much more diplomatic than most would be when describing HBO Max, which regularly has performance and customer issues. He described the app as having a competitive feature set but also having performance and customer issues. Zaslav then announced that Discovery Plus has a more advanced tech stack and will become the foundation of a new service that will combine HBO Max content with Discovery Plus' content and technology.

    After assuring listeners that the company would not be canceling a flurry of HBO Max-focused products, Zaslav said during the call that he believes the product will be outstanding. This information comes after a week of frustration for users. Early in the week, the company announced that Batgirl would not be released as planned and would be sent to the vault. HBO Max films that were available only on the service were also removed. Things reportedly look grim for HBO Max and its creative development teams as reported by The Wrap.

    Zaslav attempted to allay those concerns during the call and guaranteed that HBO Max's content was excellent and supported by the corporation as a whole. During the Q&A portion, Zaslav stated that HBO Max had begun to develop into a distinct brand—one especially associated with quality—as a result of the new service. It is unknown what Warner Brothers Discovery will name the newly merged service, but we can anticipate more from Zaslav as he consolidates his company even more in the coming year.

    Image Credit: Photo by Designecologist

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