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    Clarifying Confusion: NFL Confirms YouTube as Sole Sunday Ticket Provider

      TL;DR: The NFL has announced that YouTube and YouTube TV are now the exclusive providers of NFL Sunday Ticket for residential use, ending DirecTV's nearly 30-year run. The league took issue with DirecTV's advertising, which suggested they still offer access to all games, clarifying that only YouTube services provide this feature now.

    After a nearly 30-year partnership with DirecTV, the NFL has announced that YouTube and YouTube TV will be the exclusive providers for residential subscriptions to NFL Sunday Ticket. This move comes amid concerns of misleading advertising campaigns, as the NFL seeks to clarify that DirecTV no longer holds the rights to the highly sought-after service, aside from some very specific exceptions.

    DirecTV's Advertising Campaign Sparks Controversy

    In recent advertisements, DirecTV has been claiming that their "Sports Central" service offers access to "every game." This has sparked a debate and led to public clarification by the NFL. Jeff Miller, NFL's executive vice president of communications, emphasized the NFL's disapproval of what it views as "deceptive advertising" by DirecTV.

    While DirecTV argues that its service can technically access YouTube TV's app to play NFL Sunday Ticket, the NFL isn't buying this nuanced argument. The league believes that the advertising misleads consumers into thinking DirecTV still has residential rights to the service.

    If you are contemplating subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket, note that YouTube and YouTube TV are the only platforms offering direct residential access. DirecTV, although it still retains some commercial relationships with the NFL for bars and restaurants, has lost its residential privileges to the service.

    This dramatic shift of rights to YouTube marks a significant turning point in the way fans will access their favorite NFL games, and it will be interesting to see how DirecTV will respond to the NFL's very public criticisms.

    Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands: The Exceptions

    There is a small exception to YouTube's exclusive rights: DirecTV still maintains the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, albeit temporarily. The NFL has stated that this exception will exist until YouTube can provide its services in these locations.

    Image Credit: YouTube

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