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    Community Notes Enhanced: Twitter Users Now Fact-Checking Images

    Twitter is enhancing its user-led fact-checking initiative, Community Notes, extending its remit to scrutinize images as well as text. This welcome update arrives hot on the heels of a deceptive image falsely depicting a Pentagon explosion that swiftly went viral.

    Twitter's Community Notes feature invites users to contribute their knowledge and insights to combat misinformation on the platform. Now, these crowd-sourced scholars will have the tools to dissect and evaluate images, delivering critical context to current and future instances of matching visual content, as outlined by Twitter.

    This development is poised to be particularly potent in the battle against AI-generated synthetic images, which have recently sowed confusion and alarm while also entertaining users on Twitter. An illustrative example was a fabricated image of an explosion at the Pentagon, promulgated by blue-checkmark accounts, one falsely asserting an association with Bloomberg News. Meanwhile, a whimsical but fraudulent picture of Pope Francis dressed as a streetwear aficionado sparked amusement and bewilderment in equal measure as it circulated on the platform.

    Community Notes contributors will now have the option to attach their contextual information either to the tweet itself or to the featured image. At present, the function is confined to individual images, but Twitter is already developing it for videos and multi-image posts. As they tread new ground in the fight against misinformation, Twitter will prioritize precision, meaning that not all matching images may initially display the notes.


    Image Credit: Midjourney

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    As long as the Fact Checking is not biased like it's been on Facebook & other platforms. Even if the company doesn't agree with a stance, still have it be part of the Facts.

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