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    Discord Delights Users by Upping File Size Limit from 8MB to 25MB for All

    In a tweet that has left its user base abuzz, Discord revealed it's tripling its file size limit from 8MB to a whopping 25MB for all users. This enhancement allows Discord's nearly 196 million active users to share high-resolution photos, entertaining pet videos, and even the occasional classified document, all without incurring additional costs.

    Discord confirmed that the 25MB upload limit applies across the board, benefiting both non-Nitro and Nitro Basic subscribers. As a result, free users can now upload larger files to their favorite Discord servers without any added fees.

    For those seeking to share even bigger files, Discord offers a Nitro Basic subscription at $3 per month, which enables 50MB uploads. Nitro users, on the other hand, can enjoy a generous 500MB upload limit, 4K video streaming, and exclusive emojis for just $10 a month.

    As Discord's user base continues to expand, this file size limit increase is a welcome quality-of-life improvement. With any luck, this is just the beginning of more exciting enhancements to come.



    Image Credit: Midjourney

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    While I don't use Discord, never tried it so can't rate it, this is great news for those who do. It's over triple the size now. Has anybody seen a difference? Do you find you are sharing more pictures or documents?

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