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    Enhancing Brand Visibility: Meta’s New Verified Business Feature

      TL;DR: Meta is expanding its "Meta Verified" subscription service to businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and eventually WhatsApp, allowing them to stand out and build customer confidence through a verified badge and enhanced visibility features. The service includes proactive impersonation monitoring, account support, and unique discovery features. It's available for a monthly subscription starting at $21.99 USD per app or $34.99 USD for both Instagram and Facebook, with testing for WhatsApp to follow. The service is designed to validate business authenticity and protect brand identity through a multi-step verification process.

    Meta Platforms Inc. is set to launch a newly extended feature, Meta Verified, for businesses, a strategic move announced by Mark Zuckerberg at the Meta's Conversations Conference in Mumbai. This innovative feature is expected to roll out on Instagram, Facebook, and eventually, WhatsApp, aiming to boost the authenticity and visibility of business accounts across these platforms.

    Comprehensive Verification for Businesses

    The Meta Verified business subscription is engineered to enhance the credibility of businesses, allowing them to distinguish themselves prominently on Meta's applications. This not only fosters consumer trust but also ensures customers can identify and interact with verified businesses effortlessly. 

    Businesses will have the autonomy to opt for a standalone subscription on individual apps or a bundled subscription, embracing Instagram, Facebook, and subsequently, WhatsApp. A subscription bestows businesses with a verification badge, proactive impersonation monitoring, dedicated support, and a plethora of features engineered to amplify business visibility and consumer interaction. 

    Enhanced Discovery and Interaction

    Subscribers on Instagram and Facebook will gain elevated prominence as a Meta Verified business, appearing prioritized in search results and recommended in feeds, thus propelling discovery and user engagement. WhatsApp will offer additional exclusive features including a customizable WhatsApp page and multi-device chat support, allowing seamless customer interactions by multiple employees. 

    Pricing and Availability

    The business subscriptions are poised to be available in the ensuing weeks, commencing with Instagram and Facebook in selected countries, with the subscription fees starting at $21.99 USD/month per platform or $34.99 USD/month for a combined subscription. The feature will subsequently proliferate to WhatsApp, undergoing preliminary testing with small businesses on the WhatsApp Business app. 

    Prioritizing Security and Legitimacy

    Meta’s rigorous approach to security is evident with the implementation of a meticulous verification process and continuous monitoring. To avail subscription, businesses must fulfill eligibility prerequisites, including minimum account activity and tenure, enabling 2-factor authentication, and undergoing thorough business information verification. The provision of ongoing impersonation monitoring is also included in the subscriptions, ensuring the integrity of business identities. 

    Meta's innovative initiative with the Meta Verified business subscriptions exemplifies its commitment to offering secure and enhanced tools to facilitate interaction between businesses and users on its platforms. By catering to the aspirations of small businesses to establish and augment their brands, Meta is not only elevating the businesses' experience but is also instilling confidence among users in interacting with verified and legitimate business entities. The evolution of business offerings from Meta is anticipated to continue, unlocking more avenues for businesses of varying scales to connect and engage with their audience effectively.

    Image Credit: Meta

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