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    Firefox 86 Adds Total Cookie Protection

    Mozilla has announced that the new version of Firefox will introduce Total Cookie, which is a feature that will lock cookies to the site that created them and prevent other sites from seeing what you are doing elsewhere.  Yes, that means Social Media will not be able to see what you have been searching for around the web or the items you have recently looked at.

    This is a huge step forward in user privacy as cookie tracking is currently one of the most popular ways that commercial companies track your online activity and log what you are doing on sites they do not own.  Since 2019, Firefox has had features to reduce cookie tracking but this is the first time the browser will allow a user to truly protect their privacy online.

    Total Cookie should still allow third-party logins and special cookie usage that is not focused on tracking user data and the company states that this feature should not affect a user’s regular browsing experience in today’s highly integrated web.  Preventing companies from “tagging” your cookies to track your online activity is the sole concept of this feature and that should still allow most other cookie-based features that users may not even know are enhancing their experience.

    We absolutely love to see this feature being added to the browser and will certainly be turning it on and giving it a try!  Hopefully, this will encourage other browsers who have pursued isolating cookies per site to continue down that route and make the web a little bit more private each time.  Although we will have to see how this feature effects other functions as cookies from other sites are often used for tasks beyond tracking and advertising.

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