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  • Uncrowned Guard
    Uncrowned Guard

    HP’s Linux-Based Dev One Laptop is Here

    HP and System76 (A Linux System Builder and Dev of Pop!_OS) have teamed together to create an impressive new laptop aimed at developers called the HP Dev One.  The Dev One is a fully Linux-focused device with fully supported hardware and even a full Linux keyboard in place.  The specs are competitive for the price and overall the machine appears to be quite well designed.

    At $1,099 the system packs a powerful CPU and enough storage and RAM for the above-average user, but it does not fair well in the GPU or gaming.  Pop!_OS is one of the friendliest Linux distributions for Windows or Mac users to adapt to and it is easy to see that System76 has created a great entry-level Linux product that is also highly capable.

    Reviews of the device have been positive so far and the overall experience comes with an above-average screen and audio system.   While limited to 1080p, the Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM, and 1TB Storage make it a solid work machine for all users in any field.  It is currently only available as a 14” device, but we hope more models will appear later.

    Overall, the budget focus of HP and the ease of use by System76 make this machine look like an impressive starter laptop for a Linux user and perhaps even a greater boost for the Linux community.  How “average user” this laptop will become is of course still unknown, but it seems to be off to a better start than the highly business-focused Dell Linux laptops.

    Image: Uncrowned Addiction/HP Dev One
    Source: https://hpdevone.com/

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