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    Microsoft is Planning Numerous Virtual Events During the Current Pandemic for 2021

    During the current pandemic in-person press conferences and major release events, not to mention major tech events, have all but come to a halt. Microsoft is planning to deal with these hurdles by separating their large events, that often have numerous types of product launches and announcements, into smaller focused virtual events.   Microsoft plans to separate it's events into individually focused virtual announcements with more individualized categories such as cloud computing, gaming, or Windows. It also sounds like the company might be having more corporate based events that focus on security and such mixed in with these other events.

    This is notably exciting as Microsoft seems to have a very rich supply of announcements to make this year including the new Windows 10X operating system coming into more and more end users' hands and the gaming events are sure to be full of Game Pass announcements along with the upcoming xCloud gaming projects that are sure to be running wild this year with features and game releases.  Of course we expect a Surface focused event to be somewhere in the mix as well.

    This is certainly an exciting announcement and we cannot wait to hear more details about how many or how detailed each event will be. These events are definitely a benefit during the pandemic and at a time when more people are working remotely or even studying abroad were making in person events such as Microsoft's Build are simply impractical even before the COVID-19 outbreak.  There is currently no timeline or schedule of these events although we will let you know when more is known.

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