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    Nest Hub Max Gets a Downgrade: Google Meet and Zoom to be Removed

      TL;DR: Google has announced that its Nest Hub Max smart display will no longer support Google Meet and Zoom video conferencing starting at the end of September 2023. While the device will still support 1:1 and group video calls through Google Meet, the decision marks a significant feature rollback for a device originally promoted for its video conferencing capabilities. The future of the Nest Hub Max is now in question as Google continues to distance itself from smart displays.

    In a move spotted by 9to5 Google that has surprised many users, Google has decided to discontinue support for both Zoom and Google Meet video conferencing apps on its Nest Hub Max smart display. Starting September 28th, notices have appeared on some user devices informing them that the capability to join meetings via Google Meet will soon be a feature of the past. Robert Ferrara, a Google spokesperson, confirmed these changes, stating that meeting codes will no longer be an option for joining Google Meet sessions on the Nest Hub Max.

    Support for Zoom Also Ending Soon

    Zoom has followed suit, updating a support page in July to indicate that its services on Google's Nest Hub Max will also be discontinued. As of September 30th, 2023, the Zoom app will cease to function on the device, and users will not be able to install or update it. This comes as a blow to many who considered video conferencing to be one of the device’s core functionalities, especially given its launch during the COVID-19 pandemic when demand for such services was high.

    The Future of Nest Hub Max

    Despite these changes, Ferrara was quick to point out that 1:1 and group video calls would still be supported via Google Meet for interactions with friends, family, and businesses. However, the Nest Hub Max has been progressively losing features. Google discontinued the device’s gaming capabilities in June and has not integrated its built-in Nest Cam into the Google Home app. Moreover, Google ceased supporting third-party Assistant-powered displays this past April, leaving users to wonder about the future of Nest Hub Max and whether it will even see a successor.

    The deprecation of key features like Zoom and Google Meet raises questions about the long-term viability of the Nest Hub Max as a smart display option in an increasingly competitive market.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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