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    NVIDIA Broadcast Coming Natively to Some Logitech Devices

    NVIDIA Broadcast is a noise reduction application that uses the power of its RTX GPUs to pull off some impressive tools for streamers and content creators.  The tool suite offers solutions to improve webcams, headsets, and mics and Logitech plans to add these features directly to some of their modern headsets and Blue Yetis mics.  However, before you get your hopes up, a NVIDIA RTX GPU is still needed on the PC to support these features, so don’t plan on setting these items up and using the new features on your phone, console, or any other non-RTX device.

    Users can currently get these features via beta drivers on the Logitech G HUB or they can just use them via the already included software that came with their GPU.  However, this is certainly a nice touch for those that do not enjoy running numerous background apps or struggle to remember turning the correct settings on/off before they record. 

    It is an overall great combination either way as Logitech devices (especially Blue Yeti) are quite popular with content creators and the Broadcast app’s features have been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback.  Find a list of supported devices below (and don’t forget that any device can use the features via the Broadcast App itself):

    • G733 Gaming Headset
    • PRO X Gaming Headset
    • PRO X Wireless Gaming Headset
    • Yeti X Microphone
    • Yeti Classic Microphone
    • Yeti Nano Microphone


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