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    Optimize Your Online Presence: Linktree's New User Tools

      TL;DR: Linktree, the renowned link-in-bio platform, has rolled out new features that significantly enhance user experience and efficiency. Key updates include the ability to schedule links for future activation and deactivation, a feature to archive links while retaining their statistics, and automatic fetching of the latest videos from platforms like TikTok and YouTube for Pro users. Additionally, Linktree introduces a link prioritization feature for greater visibility. These updates are part of Linktree's ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive solutions for digital content management and online presence optimization.

    Introducing Scheduling and Archiving for Links

    Linktree, a prominent link-in-bio platform, has unveiled new features aimed at enhancing user experience and efficiency. Users now have the ability to schedule links to go live at a specific date and time, catering to various time zones. This feature is particularly useful for users targeting audiences in different geographical locations, as it allows for the alignment of content releases with the intended audience's time zone. Additionally, there is an option to set a deactivation time for these links, eliminating the need for manual removal once the link becomes irrelevant. Alongside scheduling, Linktree has also introduced an archiving feature, enabling users to remove links from their page while preserving associated statistics, thus avoiding permanent deletion.

    Automatic Content Fetching and Link Prioritization

    For Pro users, Linktree is taking content integration to the next level by automatically fetching the latest videos from platforms such as TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. This enhancement builds upon existing functionalities that pull posts from social networks like X (formerly Twitter) and Threads. Moreover, the company is rolling out a new “prioritize” feature, allowing users to highlight specific links on their Linktree page. This can be achieved by expanding a link automatically or adding animation effects when visitors access the page, thereby drawing attention to priority content or promotions.

    Availability and Company Developments

    While the link archiving feature will be available to all Linktree users, the link scheduling and prioritization features will be accessible only to those subscribed to the Starter plan or higher. The automatic video fetching feature is exclusively for Pro plan users. Linktree's continuous expansion and innovation are evident in its user base of over 45 million and recent executive appointments, including Jiaona “JZ” Zhang as chief product officer. The company's commitment to advancing in AI is highlighted by the hiring of Martin Gould and Johnny Hunter, founders of the audio detection company Sonalytic acquired by Spotify. Furthermore, Linktree’s acquisition strategy, as seen with the purchase of link-in-bio startups Koji and Bento, indicates a focused approach to consolidating its position as a leading link management platform.

    Image Credit: Linktree

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