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  • Paige

    United States Sets New Drone Rules

    Until recently, drones have only been allowed to fly over people using the drone or directly involved with the drone's operations per the FAA rules.  However, a new set of rules have been set that focus on larger drones (55lbs or more) to come equipped with Remote ID that will allow persons on the ground to identify the drone above them.  These rules will also affect drones of smaller size in special circumstances.

    Drones flown at night will also be required to have special lighting to prevent collisions when flying and flying over moving vehicles has been allowed in certain situations.  These rules have been pushed considering the recent push by multiple companies and the USPS to provide drone-based package delivery to customers.  

    The rules will take effect 60 days after the rules are added (sometime in January) and Remote ID will be required within a year on drones being used.  Remote ID itself is a non-internet-based ID system that allows the drone to broadcast an ID card of sorts to tell other who is belongs to.  This is a major rule change as all current drones on this group require an internet connection to broadcast their ID and that greatly limits long range abilities.

    Some smaller rule changes include small drones being banned from having exposed rotation devices that could lacerate a human.

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