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    YouTube Launches New Podcast Homepage & Is Likely Already the Top Podcast Platform

    The new YouTube Podcast page is far from advanced and offers little in terms of suggested or curated content, but it is likely a major blow to competitors like Apple and Spotify who, according to some recent studies, are already losing the podcast war to YouTube.  The page is currently only available in the US and does not offer any podcasts that are not already on the platform.


    • YouTube now has a Podcast homepage (US only)
    • The new page is fairly basic and lacks curation
    • May show the platform wants to push podcasting

    YouTube’s video podcast format has been a major success for content creators and has led to many podcasts already having millions of followers.  The page can be found at youtube.com/podcasts and has a major focus on popular podcasts already on the platform. 

    Overall, YouTube’s success in the podcast market is mostly due to the simple and convenient nature that video podcasts offer users.  The platform has done little to push podcasts on their platform, but this new page may be a sign of changing times. 

    Image Credit: Photo by cottonbro: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-man-and-woman-talking-together-6883805/

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    For people who use YouTube, how do you think this will be? Will it be beneficial or something that is dropped later on due to either being hard or just not enough participation in it.

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