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NFL's Tush Push Debate: Goodell Proposes Ban on Controversial Eagles Play

Uncrowned Guard


TL;DR Summary: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is reportedly seeking to ban the "tush push," a play frequently used by the Philadelphia Eagles. This strategy, also known as "The Brotherly Shove," involves quarterback Jalen Hurts being physically assisted by teammates to gain crucial yards, especially in fourth-and-1 scenarios. The play's potential ban is drawing attention, particularly because the NFL's competition committee includes representatives from the Eagles' NFC East rivals. Despite this, there's a glimmer of hope for the Eagles, as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has previously expressed his support for the play. The tactic recently sparked controversy during a game against the Buffalo Bills, where Eagles center Jason Kelce criticized Bills defensive tackle Jordan Phillips for an offsides penalty that Kelce felt was intentionally harmful. This proposed ban and the reactions it has provoked reflect the ongoing debate about play strategies and sportsmanship in the NFL.

Commissioner Goodell's Stance on the Controversial Play

The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, is reportedly taking a stance against the "tush push" play, commonly utilized by the Philadelphia Eagles. This play, also known as "The Brotherly Shove," has been a subject of debate in the league. It involves the Eagles' quarterback Jalen Hurts being pushed forward by teammates after receiving the ball, helping the team secure first downs or touchdowns in critical short-yardage situations. The play's effectiveness has caught the attention of Goodell, who, according to sources, is looking to outlaw it in the next NFL season.

The Eagles' Rivals in the Competition Committee

Further complicating the situation for the Eagles is the composition of the NFL's competition committee. Among its members are representatives from the Eagles' NFC East rivals, including New York Giants owner John Mara, Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones, and Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera. However, there is a potential ray of hope for the Eagles; Cowboys owner Jerry Jones previously expressed his admiration for the "tush push," which might influence his son Stephen's stance on the matter.

Tensions and Reactions Around the "Tush Push"

The use of the "tush push" has led to tensions on the field, notably during the Eagles' recent victory over the Buffalo Bills. Bills defensive tackle Jordan Phillips jumped offsides during an Eagles attempt at the play, leading to a confrontation with Eagles center Jason Kelce. Kelce later expressed his discontent in a radio interview, suggesting that Phillips' actions, which he perceived as an attempt to injure Eagles right guard Cam Jurgens, deserved a harsher penalty. The play's effectiveness, coupled with the reactions it provokes, highlights its controversial nature in the league, making the potential ban a significant topic of discussion among teams and fans alike.


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