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Galactic Saga Continues: Be Forever Yamato Rebel 3199 Sets for 2024 Premiere

Uncrowned Guard


TL;DR: Be Forever Yamato: Rebel 3199, the latest installment in the iconic Space Battleship Yamato series, is set to premiere its first film on July 19, 2024, in Japan. This new chapter in the saga has been eagerly awaited, with fans getting a first look through a released poster and teaser video. The project is ambitious, spanning seven cinema releases which will also be adapted into a 26-episode TV series, similar to the format of "Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love." The first film, titled "Kuro no Shinryaku" or "Dark Invasion," is directed by Naomichi Yamato with animation by Studio Mother, promising to add a fresh narrative to the beloved franchise.

Launching the Saga: Debut of Rebel 3199

The much-anticipated first film in the "Be Forever Yamato: Rebel 3199" series is set to premiere in Japanese theaters on July 19, 2024. This marks the latest addition to the storied lineage of the Space Battleship Yamato franchise, known for its captivating space narratives and profound impact on the science fiction genre. "Rebel 3199" promises to offer a fresh perspective within this long-standing series, bringing with it high expectations from fans and newcomers alike.

A Sneak Peek into the Future: Teasers and Posters Unveiled

Audiences have been given a tantalizing preview of what to expect from "Be Forever Yamato: Rebel 3199" through the release of an intriguing poster and a teaser video. These glimpses into the film have sparked excitement and speculation among fans, offering a hint at the visual and thematic direction the series will take. This early look has set the stage for what promises to be a visually stunning and narratively rich addition to the Yamato universe.

The Expansive Reach of Rebel 3199: Films and TV Adaptation

"Be Forever Yamato: Rebel 3199" is planned as an expansive project, comprising seven cinema releases. These will be further adapted into a 26-episode television series, following a format similar to the "Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love" series. The first film of "Rebel 3199," titled "Kuro no Shinryaku" or "Dark Invasion," is poised to lay the groundwork for this ambitious multi-format narrative. The series is under the direction of Naomichi Yamato, known for his work on "From the New World," with Studio Mother in charge of animation. This project not only continues the legacy of the Yamato series but also offers a new dimension to its expansive universe.


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