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Uncrowned Guard


TL;DR: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, the director's cut of the renowned film, is set to be screened in select US theaters on February 21 and 22, 2024. This limited-time event, a collaboration between Square Enix, Fathom Events, and Sony, coincides with the release of "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" on PlayStation 5. The director's cut includes an extra 26 minutes of footage and enhanced visuals for about a thousand scenes. Fans attending the screenings will be treated to exclusive introductory content, including a historical overview of "Final Fantasy VII," gameplay from "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth," and interviews with key creators like Tetsuya Nomura. Tickets are already available for purchase.

A Special Cinematic Event

Final Fantasy fans in the United States are in for a treat as the director's cut of "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete" will be screened in theaters for a limited time. This event is a collaboration between Square Enix, Fathom Events, and Sony. The director's cut version of the film offers an extra 26 minutes of footage, with about a thousand scenes receiving visual enhancements and expanded thematic elements. 

Screening Dates and Versions

The movie will grace the big screens on February 21 for the dubbed version and February 22 for the subbed version. This limited theatrical release comes just ahead of the launch of "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth," the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy, scheduled for release on PlayStation 5 on February 29. 

Exclusive Content and Plot Synopsis

Audience members are encouraged to arrive early at the screenings to enjoy exclusive introductory content. This includes a historical overview of "FINAL FANTASY VII" and its connection to "FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN," gameplay footage from "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH," and new interviews with key figures like Tetsuya Nomura, Naoki Hamaguchi, and Yoshinori Kitase. The plot of "FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE" continues the storyline from the acclaimed game "FINAL FANTASY VII," delving into the aftermath of Midgar's fall and a new threat in the form of a mysterious illness.


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