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Uncrowned Guard


TL;DR: The NFL breaks new ground with the announcement of the first-ever game in Brazil, featuring the Green Bay Packers versus the Philadelphia Eagles. Stream exclusively on Peacock, with over-the-air broadcasts available in the teams' markets. Legislation allows for Friday games when Labor Day aligns, potentially changing future scheduling dynamics.

Packers vs. Eagles in Brazil: NFL's Historic Announcement

The NFL is breaking new ground with the announcement of the first-ever game to be played in Brazil, pitting the Green Bay Packers against the Philadelphia Eagles. Scheduled for Friday, September 6, this historic matchup comes hot on the heels of the regular-season opener hosted by the Chiefs.

Game Details and Broadcast

Set to stream exclusively on Peacock, football fans worldwide can catch the action live from Brazil. Additionally, over-the-air broadcasts will be available in the two markets represented by the competing teams, ensuring widespread access to this monumental event.


Legislative Implications and Future Prospects

The scheduling of this game on a Friday holds significance due to the constraints imposed by the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961. This law, granting the NFL broadcast antitrust exemption, typically bars Friday and Saturday broadcasts after the second Friday in September.

However, the NFL's ability to broadcast on the first Friday in September allows for unique opportunities, aligning with the first Friday after Labor Day. As a result, future years where Labor Day falls on September 1, 2, or 3 could see similar Friday (and potentially Saturday) games, marking a shift in scheduling dynamics for football enthusiasts.


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