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Motorola Team’s Up With GuRu to Bring Over-The-Air Wireless Power Charging

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PSX_20210513_120842.jpg.20c676ba1f708651536ed6d708636c4e.jpgXiaomi recently announced that they will be trying to develop a practical solution to over-the-air charging on their smartphones and now Motorola has teamed up with GuRu to add true wireless power to its own smartphones. So far no company has announced when a phone will be released with these technologies, but the current marketing of the technology is that users will be able to charge their phone meters away from the charger. 

Odds are you will not see a Motorola device with over-the-air charging in 2021 as this team up is far too late into the development of their products for a practical 2021 release date. While details of the systems are limited they do seem to be quite restricted in their capabilities at this time. Xiaomi has announced that they're charging solution will Top out at 5 Watts (far from modern day fast charging) and some Motorola teasers have referenced only 3.3 ft for their charger (which does not quite convert into “meters”).

There is also going to be development costs and costs to the system as a whole that will very likely outweigh Qi wireless chargers in adding to the retail price of the phone.  However this is certainly a step in the correct direction for those hoping for a truly portless phone with no sacrifices being made. 

Image: monticellllo - stock.adobe.com

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