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FaZe Clan’s Only Female Member Banned from Twitch for Existing?

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kalei.png.ae907d3d329f046266ab6fb1307c68ba.pngKalei Renay became the first female member of the massively popular esports organization FaZe Clan in June and has been streaming on Twitch for years.  Kalei, who has been a very modest streamer in both content and attire, was banned for sexually suggestive content on a platform that endorses adult content stars stripping on stream to sell their adult content. 

The streamer was upset about the ban and took to Twitter where she tried to find answers about the ban.  Her followers seemed to back up all the remarks that she never performed anything sexual in her stream and never even chatted in the steam’s chatbox. 

She has been dealing with accusations of cheating in Warzone, one of her main games, but this claim has both never been backed up and the ban does not indicate anything about cheating.  This has led to some believing she was simply mass report and due to not being on Twitch’s no-ban list, she was auto-banned.  Many members of the gaming community were not happy with her joining FaZe and this seems to be the reason for her past TikTok ban, but again, does not seem to be the case here per Twitch.

The ban was only a temporary ban, and the streamer has returned to the platform, but this does seem to add to the list of unequal and unfair rules and regulations set by Amazon-owned Twitch that no one can seem to get any answers to how it operates or regulates content.  As far as we can tell, Kalei is a skill-based streamer that would be borderline “family-friendly” to watch if it wasn’t for some minor profanities and such, almost the opposite of what Twitch should be banning.

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