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Water Cooling


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On 10/31/2021 at 5:31 PM, Nerdface said:

Have you ever dabbled with water cooling, or have you been tempted to do so?

I'm not 'hardcore' enough to contemplate such a setup. To me, water and electricity in close proximity is a bad idea.. 🤣

I have had a water cooler and noticed about no changes over a standard air cooler, although my system as the time was a full ATX and not overclocked.  So the space saving design of the water cooler was mostly lost.

I am confident with the premade water coolers, it is surprisingly rare hear of any issues with them leaking.  However, the hardline and other user put together stuff is worrisome to me as you need to fill it is with tiny funnels that my big hands would probably mess up.

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