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Discord Starting Server Level Paid Memberships

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1735825818_Discord-LookingatPhone.png.fe983139c606b661cc9769a5d006e2fe.pngDiscord is adding a new Premium Membership to multiple content creator servers that will allow users to have a paid subscription directly to that server.  Currently, around 10 creators have the feature live with expectations that it will be going live for everyone shortly if everything goes well.  This feature is also reported to have a 90/10 revenue split with Discord only taking 10 percent of the subscription money and the community owner getting the rest.

Server admins will also be able to create tiered packages and set their costs for those packages with varying rewards available to members.  Currently, the focus is to use this feature to lock and unlock channels of the Discord server depending on the user’s paid tier.  However, it does appear that Discord is mostly sitting back and seeing what creators will do with this feature going forward.

Currently, users will only be able to subscribe to features on the Desktop client as Discord does not seem to want to pay the Apple and Google App store fees and that is likely a key point to allowing such a high creator ratio for the revenue. Overall, this could be a massive move for both Discord and the servers on their platform as paid subscription content have become a massive industry in the tech world and content creators have created vast income using these services.

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