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Ubuntu Web Remix An Alternative for Chrome OS

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webremix.thumb.jpeg.944f08f5f80f75f181d6f9e00ae2347e.jpegChromebooks have been a huge success, but now Linux is entering the market with Ubuntu's Web Remix OS that will operate much like a Chromebook, but with Firefox leading the way.  It is no secret that privacy and Chromebooks do not get along as Google Chrome is user data collection machine (but an amazing user data collecting machine when it comes to web browsing), but now we can enjoy the simple netbook style life with a much more secure and privacy focused Linux environment. 

20.04.1 is the first stable release of the new OS, but a lot is still in the works.  An experimental "wapp" store will host numerous web apps that users can download and use via the new OS, but do not expect it to replace the Play Store found on newer Chromebooks with the whole 10 apps currently on the store.

Rumors have it that Android Apps can be supported on the product and so will most full Linux applications via the standard terminal commands.

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I loved it. Not just because it was created with the simplicity. They are focusing on privacy and also reducing the resources that it takes on the old lapotps. I think this would open up more doors for the project. And I am sure some of the manufacturers may also bag it up and may ship it with some other small scale laptops too. 

I also noticed that same author of the Ubuntu Web is behind the Ubuntu Unity remix project. I can't wait to get back to Ubuntu Unity again. 

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