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Microsoft has finally released Microsoft Teams optimized for Apple's best devices.

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mac.thumb.png.0dd70fd31cac6982c7ed53553431625d.pngMicrosoft Teams has finally been fully optimized to run on Apple SIlicon devices, the companies revealed after a long wait.

You can now natively use Teams on any Apple device, including those with Apple's own M-series chips, thanks to the production-grade universal binary version of the video conferencing service.

According to a Microsoft blog post, Mac users should see a significant boost in performance, ensuring efficient resource usage and an optimized Teams experience. Multiple, high-resolution monitors will be better supported, allowing for multiple Teams windows.

Microsoft, despite having a lot of hardware of its own, says that it is “committed to the Mac.” Beginning soon, macOS devices will receive an automatic upgrade to the latest version of Teams, which will offer better support and optimization across M-series computers. The new Teams app will become publicly available over the course of several months.

Apple hardware users will have to continue using the Rosetta 2 translation technology until then. Although effective, Rosetta 2 has a deleterious impact on the performance of any application that requires it.

The macOS version of Microsoft Teams is improving.

Microsoft is striving to make Teams the best video conferencing suite available and has been releasing several updates to the app for Mac users. Last month, Yammer Communities announced that Viva Engage - a business-focused social media platform that will live inside the Teams app on any device - will grow and evolve.

Mac OS users are soon going to be able to experience hybrid working routines to the fullest, and Microsoft wants to be in a good position to support them.

Image: Farknot Architect - stock.adobe.com

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