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Have You Enjoyed Any of the Recent Gaming Based Shows and Movies?

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Hello, fellow gamers and movie buffs! I’m sure you’ve noticed that there has been a surge of shows and movies based on video games in the past few years. Some of them have been great, some of them have been not so great, and some of them have been downright awful. But I’m curious to know what you think of them. Have you enjoyed any of the recent gaming-based shows and movies? If so, which ones and why? If not, what disappointed you about them?

Here are some of the shows and movies that have come out recently for those not keeping up with the genre:

  • Arcane: League of Legends
  • The Last of Us
  • Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness
  • The Witcher: Blood Origin
  • Sonic Prime
  • Halo
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie

These are just some of the recent or upcoming shows and movies based on video games. There are many more in development or production, such as Borderlands, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Fallout, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy XIV, Assassin's Creed, Mortal Kombat 2, and more.

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I still need to watch the Halo series. I bought the first season on (I think) Amazon a long while ago and just never got around to watching it. I enjoyed the gameplay and storyline of the games very much, so I'm sure I'd enjoy the TV series too.

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