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Uncrowned Gaming: What's Popular (Sept 2023)

Recommended Posts

Check what has been popular around Uncrowned Gaming lately and don't be afraid to jump into some conversations!


Starfield: How Often Do Vendor Credits Reset? - In the vast cosmos of Starfield, vendors play a pivotal role in supplying players with essential goods and resources. However, encountering a vendor with depleted credits can pose a challenge. This guide offers a simple solution to address this issue and ensure a steady supply of credits from vendors.

Starfield: Quantum Essence - In Starfield's vast universe, players encounter many items, some of which may initially appear mysterious or overlooked. Quantum Essence is one such unique aid item, often obtained by defeating Starborn enemies. This guide unravels the secrets of Quantum Essence, explaining its function and significance within the game.


Which game do you think will be game of the year? - Among the game's that's been released that you played, which one do you think would win the game of the year?

Will you pre order GTA VI? - GTA V have been one of best games released by Rockstar Games and there's a lot of speculations that GTA VI is going to be better.  Would you be pre ordering GTA VI or wait for it to be out? 

Which game you want a mobile version of? - Is there any game which you love playing on your PC, PS5 or any other console for which you would love to have a mobile version as well so that enjoy it being anywhere you want?


A New Dawn for the Undead: Modern Warfare III's Zombies Mode Revealed - Activision unveiled a cinematic trailer for the new Zombies mode in "Modern Warfare III", marking its debut in the Modern Warfare series. The trailer showcases the origins of the outbreak linked to Victor Zakhaev and merges elements from both Black Ops and Modern Warfare universes. This Zombies iteration promises to be the most ambitious yet, with an open-world extraction shooter style, set to launch alongside the game on November 10th.

Bethesda's Interstellar Triumph: Starfield Surpasses 10 Million Players - Starfield achieves record-breaking success, surpassing all previous Bethesda titles with 10 million players since its September 5th launch. Despite some criticisms, the game's overwhelming reception solidifies its status as a hit, with plans for future DLC already underway.

Titanfall 2's Comeback: An Omen for Titanfall 3? - Respawn Entertainment has released a significant update for Titanfall 2, addressing longstanding connectivity issues and introducing a new game mode. The patch has boosted the game's player count on Steam and renewed fan speculation about a possible sequel, especially given a cryptic teaser included in the update. The game's revitalization has brought it back to the limelight, four years after its initial release.


So come and check out our growing community!!
-Uncrowned Guard

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