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Promotion Forums: Effective Member Attraction Strategy or Not?

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I've been thinking about the role of promotion forums in growing our communities and wanted to share some insights and open up a discussion.ย 

Promotion Forums: The Paradox

We often visit promotion forums with the hope of attracting new members. However, it's a bit like going to a gym equipment store to find new gym members. Most people there are also gym owners, not potential gym members. In other words, promotion forums are full of admins looking to boost their own sites, not necessarily to join others.

What Promotion Forums Excel At

That's not to say these forums don't have their merits. They are fantastic for:

  • Networking with fellow admins
  • Accessing resources and admin-specific services
  • Boosting your siteโ€™s visibility through link sharing
  • Potentially attracting members indirectly through increased activity and Google search visibility
  • Benefiting from the support and activity of a community of admins

But if your primary goal is to find new members, these might not be the most fertile grounds.

The Flip Side: Non-Promotion Forums and Niche Advertising

Now, consider promotion sections in non-promotion forums, where the audience includes regular users, not just admins. Or think about buying ads on forums that align with your niche. Here, you're marketing directly to potential new members.

The User Commitment Factor

A point to ponder: research shows users are generally reluctant to leave a service they're accustomed to, even for a better one. This inertia is evident in social media and likely applies to forums too. People committed to a particular forum are not easily swayed to join another.

Let's Discuss!

  • Have you had success with promotion forums?
  • What strategies have worked best for you in attracting new members?
  • Do you think forum users are as hesitant as social media users to try new platforms?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences!

Edited by Uncrowned Guard
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