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Uncrowned Gaming: What's Popular (Dec 2023)

Recommended Posts

Check what has been popular around Uncrowned Gaming lately and don't be afraid to jump into some conversations!


Solar Healing Warlock - This build is designed to support your team with robust healing capabilities and even provide damage boosts, making it versatile for various Destiny 2 activities.

Stasis Turret Warlock - Unleash the power of crowd control with the Stasis Turret Warlock build, designed to freeze and dominate the battlefield in Destiny 2. This build offers exceptional team support through the strategic freezing of enemies, including champions.


Rumble Pak - N64 - The Rumble Pak is a removable device from Nintendo which provides force feedback while playing video games. This is standard in controllers nowadays but back in 1997 it was an amazing new invention. Did you ever have a rumble pack? What did you think of it back in the 90's and early 2000's?

Do you currently own any retro consoles? - Do you currently own any classic or retro consoles? Whether it's the groundbreaking NES, the iconic Sega Genesis, or something even older, we'd love to hear about your cherished pieces of gaming history.

First PlayStation Console? - What was the first PlayStation console you ever owned and or purchased 


The Finals: Addressing Player Concerns About Movement Speed - Following the surprise launch of 'The Finals' at The Game Awards, players have reported a perceived slowdown in movement speed compared to the beta version. However, Embark Studios, the game's developers, have confirmed that there have been no changes to the movement system. They attribute the perceived slowdown to recent adjustments in animations, sounds, and Field of View (FOV) settings, particularly the default FOV reset to 71. The developers recommend players adjust their FOV settings and are working to rebalance these changes to restore the original feel of movement. Additionally, the game is experiencing other launch issues, including server problems and error codes, which the team is actively addressing.

Apex Legends x Final Fantasy: A Surprising January Collaboration - In January 2024, 'Apex Legends' is set to launch a groundbreaking collaboration with 'Final Fantasy', coinciding with the advertising cycle for the upcoming 'Final Fantasy VII Rebirth'. This unique crossover will introduce three 'Final Fantasy'-inspired skins for Apex characters Crypto, Wraith, and Horizon, including a reimagined version of the iconic Buster Sword. Although details are scarce, the collaboration is expected to merge the distinct aesthetics of both franchises, creating a fresh experience for fans. This strategic partnership is not just a treat for gamers but also a clever marketing move to ramp up excitement for the 'Final Fantasy VII Rebirth' release. Meanwhile, 'Apex Legends' continues to captivate its audience with the ongoing Uprising event and a host of new skins, maintaining player engagement as the year ends and building anticipation for the crossover event.

The Finals Launches: A New Era in Shooter Games? - "The Finals," a groundbreaking first-person shooter game, has launched, revolutionizing the genre with its fully destructible environment. Developed by Embark Studios, this game marks a significant departure from traditional shooters by allowing players to demolish every element in the game's world. Available on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC, it features teams of three competing in a dynamic arena with a variety of classes and weapons. The game's unique selling point is its innovative server-side destruction system, which took nearly five years to perfect. Players can use the environment strategically, creating unpredictable and thrilling combat scenarios. With maps like Las Vegas that feature events like UFO invasions, "The Finals" promises an immersive and constantly evolving gameplay experience, setting a new standard in the first-person shooter category.


So come and check out our growing community!!
-Uncrowned Guard

Uncrowned Gaming - Uncrowned Gaming

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