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    Shawn Levy Clarifies: Deadpool & Wolverine Is Not "Deadpool 3"

      TL;DR: Director Shawn Levy reveals that "Deadpool & Wolverine" isn't just "Deadpool 3" but a standalone two-character adventure, promising plenty of action and excitement with unique storytelling.

    Director Shawn Levy Clarifies Deadpool & Wolverine Not Deadpool 3

    Director Shawn Levy has clarified that the upcoming film "Deadpool & Wolverine" should not be mistaken for "Deadpool 3." Despite being the third installment in the Deadpool series, Levy emphasized that the film is a distinct project focused on a two-hander character adventure involving Deadpool and Wolverine.

    A Unique Standalone Entry in the Deadpool Franchise

    In an interview with Screen Rant, Levy highlighted that "Deadpool & Wolverine" offers a fresh narrative perspective, distinct from its predecessors. While it remains part of the Deadpool series, the film aims to carve its own path, exploring the dynamic between the iconic characters in a standalone adventure.

    Exciting Additions and R-Rated Content

    Apart from the titular duo, "Deadpool & Wolverine" promises to introduce a diverse array of characters from Marvel's multiverse. With numerous cameos expected, director Shawn Levy expressed excitement about integrating beloved characters into the storyline. Additionally, the film's recent unveiling of Wolverine's classic comic book outfit and the release of raunchy footage at CinemaCon 2024 underscore its commitment to delivering the signature R-rated humor and action of the Deadpool franchise.

    Image Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe

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