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    Meta Reverses Course: Ending Cross-App Chatting Between Instagram and Messenger

      TL;DR: Meta is set to end the cross-platform chat integration between Instagram and Facebook Messenger, a feature that has been in place since 2020. This change, taking effect in mid-December, will stop users from initiating new chats or calls between the two platforms. Existing conversations will become read-only, and features like activity status and read receipts will no longer be shared across the apps. The discontinuation marks a significant shift in user experience for those accustomed to seamless communication between Instagram and Facebook Messenger. While Meta hasn't explicitly stated the reasons for this decision, it's speculated that compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which encourages interoperability and prevents monopolistic practices, may have influenced this move. This development is indicative of Meta's ongoing adjustments to the regulatory demands of the digital market.

    Ending Cross-App Chat Integration

    Meta has announced a significant change in its social media platforms: the discontinuation of the cross-platform chat feature that allows users to communicate between Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Starting mid-December, the integration that facilitated this connectivity will be removed, marking an end to the ability to initiate and engage in cross-app conversations. This change means that users will no longer be able to start new calls or chats with Facebook friends from Instagram and vice versa.

    Implications for Current Conversations and User Experience

    With the removal of this integration, current conversations between users of the two platforms will become read-only, and no new interactions will be initiated. Facebook accounts will lose the ability to view Instagram users' activity status or read receipts, and existing chats will not be transferred to inboxes on either platform. This marks a significant shift in the user experience for those who have become accustomed to the seamless connectivity between Instagram and Facebook Messenger, as they will now need to switch between apps for continued communication.

    Potential Reasons Behind the Decision

    While Meta has not explicitly stated the reason for reversing this feature, speculation suggests it may be related to regulatory considerations. The European Union's Digital Markets Act, which seeks to prevent monopolistic practices by large tech companies and encourages interoperability between messaging platforms, could be a driving factor. Meta's decision to dismantle this specific cross-app chatting feature could be a strategic move to align with EU regulations and possibly lay the groundwork for broader interoperability that complies with these laws. The upcoming changes reflect Meta's ongoing adaptation to the evolving digital landscape and regulatory environment.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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