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Is YouTube Killing Small Creators?

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There are many creators pointing out that YouTube has been pushing mainstream content over creator content to its users and many claim that is happening contrary to what those users are subbed to and looking for.

The question is, do you believe YouTube is pushing smaller channels down to promote mainstream media and such? 

There was a recent video posted by Shadiversity (although you can find many others) explaining the issues:


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25 minutes ago, ZandraJoi said:

YouTube used to be just that, You Tube. Where anybody could make a channel. Now, it's more about the bigwigs & they are big as well on censorship. Pushing their one-sided agenda which I don't think is fair.

It does very much feel like it is has lost the small creator side of the platform.  And sadly that does not make it anymore appealing to me as the push for big media means I get more recommended videos about things that are on TV or in other media outlets instead of new content.

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I do feel as though YouTube does give those that are more popular the better end of YouTube. I have been on YouTube for a while and I was pushing content out almost consistently for 5 years.

I still now struggle to get the push I need to reach partner even though I put the work in. YouTube used to be a platform for everyone but now it seems like it's more of a platform for those who can make YouTube the most money and that is sad to see. 

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