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Things you believed as a kid

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What are some funny things you used to believe as a kid?

I'll start with one of mine:



The first computer I used was my dad's Windows 95 desktop, when I was five years old. I immediately figured out that the '95' in the operating system's name related to the fact that the year was 1995. 

This all made sense to me, until about a year later, when I first saw a computer at school. Now, my school were a bit behind the times compared to my family, so they were still using Windows 3.1. Extrapolating from what I already knew about Windows 95, I figured out that this computer must have been made in the year 3. Not 1993, not 1903, not even 1003: just plain old AD 3. As for the '1' after the decimal point, I figured that this must have meant it was released in January.  

"Wow, a computer from when Jesus was alive 😮 !" I thought to myself. "I wonder whether he ever used it?"




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