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Cloud Gaming


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I tried it for a while and enjoyed it while I was home, but that created an issue as my gaming PCs are always at home.  Once I tried to take cloud gaming on the road, 5G and public WiFi just fell apart for a good playing experience.  Maybe if 5G UW was a bit better around here, but it still seems spotty at best.  Plus we only have Verizon around here for reliable cell service and their laptop and tablet plans cut the data to basically dial-up if you use 30GB of the unlimited data pool, so not great for cloud gaming.

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I have used cloud gaming. Honestly, it's nowhere near it should be  and I don't think it will be for some time. Honestly,  I feel like the internet infastructure that is needed to make Cloud Gaming  worthwhile isn't really anywhere near ready. There are still a ton of places who have internet barely able to render a youtube video smoothly. I don't think they'll be able to utilize cloud gaming or the benefits it has (in terms of saving disc space on your console or PC)


I just don't think the world is quite 'ready' yet for Cloud Gaming to hit it's full peak of potential.

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