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    WhatsApp's Privacy Power-Up: The Potential Arrival of Usernames

    WhatsApp, the go-to messaging app for millions, is rumored to be laying the groundwork for a novel feature that will revolutionize user interactions - the introduction of usernames.

    Sleuths from WABetaInfo recently divulged the tantalizing secret, hinting that the change will be part of an upcoming update. With a simple detour through the Profile page in the Settings menu, users might soon find themselves choosing unique usernames, a paradigm shift in the current method of seeking connections on the platform.

    Currently, it's the phone number that reigns supreme on the Meta-owned platform. Whether striking up a one-on-one conversation or diving into a group chat, the users' phone numbers are invariably exposed. But this may all change, with the pending username feature set to add a much-needed layer of privacy to the user experience.

    WhatsApp's siblings in the realm of instant messaging, including Telegram and even its own Meta stablemate, Messenger, have long sported the username feature, making the messaging service's stride into the realm of user handles a game of digital catch-up.

    It is important to underscore that while the username buzz is palpable, official confirmation from WhatsApp is pending. Questions still loom large, especially whether users will have the option to keep their phone numbers under wraps while parading their chosen usernames.

    The sighting of the new feature in a beta version of WhatsApp, however, gives us a strong indication that the username scenario is more than just a flight of fancy. If this feature does make its grand entrance, it may well rewrite the rules of the game in the WhatsApp world, making user search a breeze and handing over the reins of privacy control to the users themselves.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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