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  • Aspect Ratio Resizer

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  • The Aspect Ratio Resizer is an intuitive and user-friendly online tool designed to assist you in resizing images and videos while preserving their original aspect ratio. This tool is particularly useful for designers, content creators, photographers, and anyone who needs to adjust the size of multimedia content without distorting its proportions.


    1. Enter Current Dimensions
      • Start by entering the current width and height of your image or video in the provided fields. These values are the dimensions of your media in its current state.
    2. Input New Size
      • Next, input either the new width or the new height for your media. You only need to enter one of these values – the tool will calculate the other dimension automatically.
      • If you input a new width, the tool will calculate the new height needed to maintain the aspect ratio.
      • If you input a new height, the tool will calculate the new width accordingly.
    3. Calculate and View Results
      • Click the 'Calculate' button to compute the new dimensions. The tool will instantly display the missing width or height.
      • The result will show the dimension that keeps your media in the same aspect ratio as the original.


    • Preserve Quality: By maintaining the aspect ratio, your images and videos retain their quality and do not appear stretched or compressed.
    • Efficiency: The tool quickly calculates the dimensions, making it efficient for batch processing or quick adjustments.
    • Ease of Use: With a straightforward interface, it is accessible for users of all skill levels, requiring no advanced technical knowledge.

    Whether you’re resizing for different platforms, adjusting content for presentations, or simply ensuring your media looks its best at any size, the Aspect Ratio Resizer is your go-to solution.

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