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What Operating System Do You Use?

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Lets see what everyone has going on their devices!

I try to use a bit of everything as I love finding out the little tech each system uses.

Work/Gaming Laptop: Windows 11
Travel Laptop: Chrome OS
Tablet: iOS
Phone: Android
Home Server: Windows 10 (This could be Linux, but it angers a lot of people that I use Windows for a serve and therefore it shall remain.)

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On 7/4/2022 at 2:51 PM, Uncrowned Guard said:

That is an uncommon thing to see anymore.  Although most days I feel like not having a phone would be for the best.

Yeah it is uncommon lol I like being outdoors & in nature. I don't like being tied down to a phone dinging constantly. I feel I'm healthier that way. We are able to have a landline still so that makes the difference. But even if they got rid of the landline, I would only use the cell as much as I use the landline now. Hardly ever LOL

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